Visions #2

So, a week just disappeared there, didn’t it. Well, it wasn’t all that unexpected. I knew beforehand that going to Sweden for the weekend probably would drain my resources to some extent but then life decided to throw me a few extra curve balls to deal with and basically I ended up spending most of my energy last week on them.

It also meant that all my grand visions fell apart but I’m pretty used to brushing off the dust and get right back on the horse, so let’s see what it would be great to get done during the next week.

The Pattern

I looked for and found my old notes for the pattern I wanted to write but they turned out to be pretty much like an old-fashioned Victorian knitting pattern. Something along ‘cast on x number of stitches, knit the asters stitch pattern, add crocheted edging’. Nothing about which yarn I used or how I did the edging. Needless to say I would rather be knitting than playing yarn detective so I decided to settle on a different project for my first pattern and make sure to write down as it comes along.

Here is the project I chose. I call it Mondello. It’s the name of the village close to Palermo in Sicily where everyone goes to enjoy the beautiful beach. The colors of the yarn reminded me of the colors of the ocean there.

So far I’m done with the edging which is the 1851 Wedding Veil Lace from the book Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller. It consists of an insertion and an edging put together which gives you a pattern repeat of 84 rows. For the center of the shawl I have had several ideas. I’m still not excactly sure what I’ll be doing but I’m thinking short rows and the stitch pattern Old Shell also know as Old Shale. No matter what I choose to do, I’ll first have to pick up stitches along the lace edging and that’ll be plenty of work.

The Plunder

Going to Stickfest i Väst always means visiting Torget [the square or the market in Swedish] where different yarnshops, indie dyers etc. set up stalls and tempt us with their delicious wares. I usually go for things that are not easily available in the yarn stores here in Denmark and as usual I ended up with many exciting new things. I promise I’ll show them to you sometime next week and tell you excactly what they are and how to get them. Maybe I’ll even do a swatch or two from them.

Alright, those are my tiny visions for next week. Hopefully life will take it easy and not get too much in the way.

Visions #1

This title is one I’ve shamelessly stolen from one of my favorite internet people, the fabulous Havi Brooks. She has shown me an excellent way to create structure through blogging and I’m going to try it out.

Every Monday I’ll post about my plans and wishes for the week and what I hope to achieve. Hopefully it’ll both help me to actually do more things and learn what my limits are. I know some days are going to be hard and just making it to the Knit Cave will be an achievement in itself. Other days I’ll hopefully be able to work both on my knitting projects and some of my other stuff, also known as Secret Missions.

As this is the first week, I’m going to take it very easy.

A bit of bread.

What I want.

A way to make sure I remember to eat while I’m here. There are no good take-out places nearby and I’ll need to bring my own food.

Ways this could happen.

Remembering how easy it is to bake my own bread. It takes less than 10 minuttes to mix the dough and then it takes care of itself during the night. If I prepare it between 9 and 10 pm then it’ll be ready to bake around noon which is early enough for it to be ready before I leave home.

What else?

Remembering to buy the ingredients. Right now I’m all stocked up on flour but I might need to buy fresh yeast. I’ll also need to make sure I at least have butter and cheese in the fridge.

Meeting an UFO.

What I want.

To make a decision about which of my many UFO’s I want to work on this week.

Ways this could happen.

I’ve already laid out the most promising UFO’s on my work table. Some of them are very close to being finish while others require a lot of knitting. Realistically I could probably finish one of the cowls while still get work done on the other things.

What else?

I need to get some tools for blocking so I can finish the projects properly. I can bring a plastic basin from home but I’ll need to order to order some proper blocking mats from somewhere. Or maybe I’ll be able to buy some at Stickfest i Väst this weekend?

Writing my first pattern.

What I want.

To write out a pattern I can upload and sell on Ravelry. It doesn’t have to be done this week but it definitely needs to be started.

Ways this could happen.

I need to choose a project. The best candidate is the cowl I finished around this time last year. It’s a very interesting slip and stitch pattern which works very well with self-striping yarns. Hopefully I’ll be able to find my old notes on it.

What else?

Figuring out how to use Ravelry for selling patterns and make sure my paypal account is working properly.

Secret Mission

Only one mission this week. It’s all about presenting the most suitable parts of me to unknown people which triggers all sorts of anxieties and negative thoughts in me. I’m not sure how to handle it but I’m making a promise to myself to remember to be curious and observant. I’ll makes notes on what works and what I need to remember.