Saturday Chicken #1

Time for my first check in or chicken as Havi has taught me to call it. It’ll only be a very short one as I’m currently in Sweden, attending the knitting festival Stickfest i Väst. We’re in Marstrand, a wonderful little place an hour west of Gothenburg, and the sun is shining. 


Right now I’m just trying to wake up so I’m just sitting here with some coffee and my knitting while my friends attend a class.


 Later in the day I’ll go to classes too. First a class with one of favorite people in the world, Wille, who teach on how to crochet with multiple colors. Then a class on ‘hønsestrik’ which is a Danish term for a kind of fairisle knitting that emerged in Danmark in the 1970s. The technique is the same but the choice of motifs and colors very much reflect that period of time.