Gunnar Ekelöf

Sweden has many things that I love.

One of them is the writer Gunnar Ekelöf.

In 1951 he published a collection of poems with the title ‘Om hösten’.

One of the very first poems, if not the first is ‘En verklighet (drömd)’.

It’s one of the most beautiful poems, I’ve ever read.

The poet goes for a walk in the Swedish countryside just before the sun sets in the early

autumn. This becomes the setting for a reflection on life and the eternity, an eternity

where the individual being’s presence is but fleeting but the life force still continues in

all of the material world.

The original Swedish text can be read here.

If you don’t understand Swedish, at least listen to the author himself read it aloud and

enjoy the music of the language. (The soundfile doesn’t show up on an iPad etc.)