Day Zero

This basement looks suitable. The location is easily accessible and plenty of basic supplies are nearby…


No, the zombie apocalypse hasn’t arrived here in Copenhagen but I’ve watched way too much ‘The Walking Dead’ recently and it shows. This theme, though,  hasn’t come to me completely unexpectedly. The last few years in my life have been a slow decline towards catastrophe and reached the climax a year ago when depression and stress forced me to go on a prolonged sick leave and cost me my job beloved teaching job. 2015 was not a good year but everything must come to an end one way or the other, even bad things, and now it’s 2016, I’m officially not sick anymore, and things begin to look somewhat brighter.

Luckily, I’m member of an a-kasse, a Danish way of insuring yourself against unemployment, and this means I’m okay financially for now and even able to invest some money in building up a new future for myself. Once back on my feet I quickly realised that working from home is not an option for me. Because of my fragile brain I need a lot of structure and few distractions and my apartment is definitely not a distraction-free environment. It’s also very hard to create a structure for yourself in your own home where the bed and sofa always entice you to take a nap, the piano wants to be played and the dishes always need to be washed. I needed a room of my own and again very luckily, I have a friend, who could provide it to me. So now I have this very nice work space in a basement that I share with 3 other people. Most of the time I’ll have it to myself, though, because my hours have shifted drastically during my illness, and I work the best when most people are off.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to here yet but I hope a plan will emerge slowly. I’ll definitely be knitting and working on creating my own designs a lot. I’ll also have to write a lot of job applications, something I hate, but doing it in my secret knit cave will hopefully make it easier. Nothing like a bit of roleplaying to get the annoying stuff done.


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