On the Needles – May 2013

My first toe-up socks.


I used Judy’s Magic Cast-on to cast on for the toe and Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel

for the heel. It’s not the right heel for these sock’s, though, and I’m looking for a different


Mrs. Montague’s neck warmer


I don’t know who Mrs. Montague was but I love the pattern that is named after her. For

this neck warmer I’m using a variation of the pattern where you have yarn overs on each

row. It makes a very beautiful all-over lace pattern that suits the yarn very well.

The colorful swatch


I want to make a pair of colorful wrist warmers or half mittens so I’m playing around with

different colors and stitch patterns. I’m also practicing the twined knitting technique that

I learned at Stick i Väst.

I’m also playing a lot with the iPad app Stitchsketch which I use to record interesting

patterns or create my own. The patterns on the photo are from a Peruvian hat that I

found on the blog Wooly Wormhead’s Ripping Yarns.



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