Stickfest i Väst

Oh, hi there.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’m still here, though.

I haven’t stopped knitting, either, but a lot of life happens in three years.

For one, I have a real job now with a real salary.

And while I don’t love money, they sure are nice to have.

Especially when my old knitting friends yet again ask me to join them at the Swedish

knitting festival ‘Stickfest i Väst‘. Every year I’ve had to say

‘no, sorry, I can’t afford it’

and every year they’ve come back telling stories of great times and of great people.

And yarn of course.

So, when I was asked this year, I said yes.


And I learned new things and made new friends.

(And I want to be Swedish but that’s a story for another day.)

Here is what I learned.



The teacher of the workshop was Ivar Asplund.

He’s an amazing knitter.

Krydret strik.


The teacher of this workshop was Charlotte Kaae.

She was one of my very first knitting friends and I’ve learned a lot from her over the


And not just about knitting.