Five on a Friday – The Beginnings of a Music Geek

I’m beginning to think that my returning interest in music is developing into a full- fleshed obsession. Not only am I listening to music whenever I can but I’m also getting into all sorts of technology I never used to cared for. Suddenly I know words like bit rate and sampling frequency and I’m beginning to wonder what all the fuzz about vinyl records is about. I’m of course reading reviews on Pitchfork and listening to radio shows like Kosmo on DR P2. Oh, and did I mention the old piano I’m getting from a friend?

Yeah, when I get obsessed about something I really get obsessed. I’ve got the yarn and the books to prove it.

I’m still a novice, though. If it weren’t for my friends, online or in real life, I wouldn’t know a single artist on the list below. Thank you!

The Welcome Wagon – But For You Who Fear My Name

Sigur Rós – Góðan Daginn

CocoRosie – Trinity’s Crying

Mimicking Birds – Rivers, Veins and Roots

The National – Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

Listen on Grooveshark.


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