Five on a Friday – The Gifts of Friendship

I’ve mentioned the two gentlemen with the exquisite taste in music but I haven’t really talked about any of the music they’ve introduced me to. To make up for that today’s post is dedicated to five artists that I’d never even heard of a year ago but absolutely love now because of them. It was not easy to narrow the list down to only five, my original list was easily three times as long but here it is.

First choice is French artist Camille. She’s sometimes compared to Björk but is more accessible than Björk. So many things could be said about her but just listen to the way she uses her voice in ‘Ta Douleur’.

Next is the British folktronica group Tunng. I got to see them in concert last Sunday and had a great time. At a first listen they may seem like a very serious band but soon you’ll discover they can be very very funny. I got my first inkling listening to the song ‘Bullets’ but it was definitely confirmed at the concert when the lead singer put on a pair of sunglasses that looked like something straight out of Dame Edna’s wardrobe before doing some awesome guitar playing. Incidentally ‘Bullets’ was also the last song of the concert and afterward you kept hearing people humming or whistling it everywhere from the ladies’ room to the street.

My third choice is the Canadian singer-songwriter Jean Leloup. It’s hard for me to describe exactly what it is he does but his songs are the kind of songs that just engulfs you. At first it’s about singing a good melody but eventually the instruments take over the song and everything flows together into a musical climax.

The fourth group on my list is Efterklang, a Danish band that is so unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. I went to their recent concert in Copenhagen and it really is music you have to hear live. Sometimes it’s better to stick with listening to an artist’s recordings but Efterklang sounds best live.

The last choice is the English singer-songwriter Nick Drake. Incredibly beautiful but sad songs.

Camille – Ta Douleur

Tunng – Bullets

Jean Leloup – Paradis Perdu

Efterklang – Full Moon

Nick Drake – Cello Song

Listen on Grooveshark


2 thoughts on “Five on a Friday – The Gifts of Friendship

  1. What a good selection. :)
    Full Moon is an interesting choice. Not the one I would have went for.
    Cello Song is a good pick! But it could have been any song on Five Leaves Left. So you discovered Nick Drake because of the other “gentleman”?

  2. Yes, I did. :-)

    The explanation for choosing ‘Full Moon’ is pretty simple. I’ve heard it more than the other songs because it keeps turning up when I have my mp3-player on shuffle.

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