‘Tomorrow, I’ll definitely do it tomorrow’, has been said more than once around here the last couple of months and the bad excuses have been multiplying like rabbits but now the sun is finally shining, the camera batteries are charged and the boyfriend is not using the computer. Unfortunately the one project that has actually been finished this winter didn’t photograph very well but I’ll show the pictures anyway hoping that they at least give you an idea of how it is.



It’s the ‘Sandfarvet trøje med bærestykke’ from Hendes Verden which I finished just after Christmas. In the original pattern it’s supposed to be quite short so I added about 10 cm to the body but didn’t think to add any waist shaping. In hindsight that was a mistake and something I would definitely do another time. Other than that I’ve pretty much followed the pattern as written. The sleeves were supposed to be worked in the round but I didn’t have the right size dpns so I just worked them back and forth and sewed them together. No problem at all when you love doing mattress stitch. The body was knit back and forth in one piece since that was how the pattern was written but I could just as well have knit it in the round and then cut it open. The original yarn is a mix of cotton and acrylics so it wouldn’t have been suited for steeking but the 100% wool yarn I used would have been perfect.