Time to Confess

Thursday my comrades in arms persuaded me to go with them to a yarn sale. Actually they didn’t have to do much persuading, who can say no to spend a Saturday morning in such company and buy good quality yarn at reduced prices as well? Two of them have already confessed to being addicted to yarn and I guess it’s my time now:

Hello, my name is Lone and I’m a yarn’aholic.

I thought I would be able to resist the lure of the yarn, especially as I really don’t have either the time, space or money for more of it, but presented with a  wall full of Evilla Yarn the situation quickly became critical. Having so much to choose from almost made me hyperventilate and only with the support of my friends I managed to calm down. The only problem is that getting support from other yarn’aholics doesn’t mean discouraging you from buying.


Now excuse me, I had better go and knit some of all my yarn.


5 thoughts on “Time to Confess

  1. Your yarn indulgence is lovely and beautiful. I gave in long ago to being a yarn addict (ahem), collector. Thank you for your thoughtfulness about my family during the fires.

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