Knitting Has Occurred

Wow, it has been a while, hasn’t it? Especially as the blog has seen a lot more traffic after I got my profile on Ravelry.

So, let me show what’s on the needles right now.


It’s a yoked cardigan from a Danish magazine called Hendes Verden, in English Her World. It’s one of the few woman magazines here that has maintained a high number of craft projects even during the periods when crafting was least fashionable. I usually don’t buy it so I hadn’t seen this pattern before I went to one of Bette Design’s knit evenings. Lisbeth the owner was wearing it and the temptation was more than I could handle. I just had to get the yarn right away and cast on immediately. Of course it didn’t help I was in the company of certain persons (you know who you are) who did nothing to stop me and maybe even actively encouraged me to go for it.

On the other hand even though my knitting basket is overspilling with other projects I’ve only been working on this one for the last ten days and I’ve already finished both sleeves.


Just like I’ve been wearing Salina a lot I know this cardigan is going to see a lot of wear once it’s finished and that’s just the motivation I need to keep interested.



4 thoughts on “Knitting Has Occurred

  1. Den har jeg også i kø til pindene, det lokker alligevel at se dig i gang med den, måske skulkle man opprioritere den? Glæder mig til at se mere til cardiganen (og dig), måske hos Bette den 1.11.?

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