Sometimes I just need something easy to knit and in my world that usually means a lace shawl where the motif is easy to memorize. One of my all-time favourites is Birch from Rowan Magazine 34. It’s a pattern I would recommend to everyone who has never tried knitting lace patterns before. The pattern repeat is only 8 rows and 4 of them are plain purl rows and it’s knitted from the top down which makes it seem to fly off the needles. The only thing I would change as a beginner is the yarn. As wonderful as Kid Silk Haze is, it’s difficult to unravel which I learned the hard way when I knitted this shawl as my first lace project almost 4 years ago.

The shawl in the picture I knitted this summer. Instead of the recommended yarn I used 3 balls of Madil Kid Seta which has the same fiber content and yardage as Kid Silk Haze which has the advantage of being a bit cheaper and having a different range of colours to choose from. I used the recommended 5mm needle size and got a shawl that’s 218 cm wide and 118 cm long which is a bit larger than stated in the pattern. As it’s a shawl this doesn’t matter to me and I didn’t bother to swatch which was a good thing because I would’ve run out of yarn if I had. When I changed to a new ball of yarn I just overlapped the 2 ends and knitted with both. The yarn is so fine that’s almost impossible to tell unless you hold the shawl up against the light. I blocked it by putting it on towels on a carpeted floor in a well-ventilated room, spritzing it with cold water and stretching it out with pins to upon up the lace which is easier to see in the pictures below.



3 thoughts on “Birch

  1. Hi Lone: Love your new blog look. Before now I could not figure out how to leave a comment. I think learning about other people through blogs is such an ingenious way to learn about other people. I know it has made me connect with people globally. Don’t stop blogging. You’re interesting and smart and your knitting is beautiful!

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