A Change of Direction

For quite a while I’ve not been completely happy with this blog. It has been fun to write about my knitting but also difficult getting used to this kind of communication. No matter how few readers I have, this is always going to be a public space and the whole world is invited if they care to come. Every blogger has to ask themselves how much they really want to share about themselves and their life and I’ve found that I’m not comfortable including too many details about my personal life.

As a consequence I did consider closing the blog but as I’ve gotten to know more about blogs and blogging, I’ve realized that I do want to use this space and the new possibilities it gives me for communicating with other people around the globe.

One concept which I find very interesting in regard to blogging, is collective intelligence. No single person, not even an Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci can know it all. We all have our own different experiences and knowledge and when we share them, new ideas and understandings arise. To me blogging is a tool to do this and get in touch with people that I would never have met in any other way. I’ll share my thoughts about knitting, books, linguistics and the many other things I’m curious about and hopefully you’ll contribute with your perspective in order to make us all a little bit wiser about the world and each other.

I encourage you to leave comments or write me an e-mail. This is not supposed to be a one-way communication. However, I reserve the right to delete any comments that are personal attacks or blatant trolling. That kind of behavior is counteractive to the purpose of the blog and something I would not accept in any other situation as well.


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