A Change of Direction

For quite a while I’ve not been completely happy with this blog. It has been fun to write about my knitting but also difficult getting used to this kind of communication. No matter how few readers I have, this is always going to be a public space and the whole world is invited if they care to come. Every blogger has to ask themselves how much they really want to share about themselves and their life and I’ve found that I’m not comfortable including too many details about my personal life.

As a consequence I did consider closing the blog but as I’ve gotten to know more about blogs and blogging, I’ve realized that I do want to use this space and the new possibilities it gives me for communicating with other people around the globe.

One concept which I find very interesting in regard to blogging, is collective intelligence. No single person, not even an Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci can know it all. We all have our own different experiences and knowledge and when we share them, new ideas and understandings arise. To me blogging is a tool to do this and get in touch with people that I would never have met in any other way. I’ll share my thoughts about knitting, books, linguistics and the many other things I’m curious about and hopefully you’ll contribute with your perspective in order to make us all a little bit wiser about the world and each other.

I encourage you to leave comments or write me an e-mail. This is not supposed to be a one-way communication. However, I reserve the right to delete any comments that are personal attacks or blatant trolling. That kind of behavior is counteractive to the purpose of the blog and something I would not accept in any other situation as well.

I Got Tagged

Well, I got tagged and I didn’t discover it before today. I haven’t been around the blog much lately, not even checking the stats or for comments. A lot of stuff has been happening but more about that another time. The funny thing is that I’ve been thinking about doing a 100-things-about-me-list for some time but in the end it’s easier just to do eight so here we go:

1: I speak three languages fluently: Danish, English and Italian. I also speak some German and French and I’ve recently started studying Chinese. I love learning new things but especially languages and hope to add more to the list. On the wish list right now are the other big Romance languages, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian, and Turkish because I like the way it sounds.

2: My boyfriend is from Italy and we’ve been together for six years now. He constantly tries to persuade me to marry him but I don’t want to marry. It has nothing to do with him. I just find the whole practice old-fashioned and patriarchal.

3: After I finished high school I spent a year in the US working as an au pair. At the end of the year I went on a cross-country trek from Miami to San Francisco. Best thing I’ve ever done. Just writing about it makes me want to hire a car and get going.

4: I absolutely love watching sports on TV, especially tennis, but I’m not very athletic myself. I go everywhere on my bike but that’s only because it’s the easiest and fastest way to get around in Copenhagen.

5: I hardly ever listen to any music at all. I don’t know why but at some point I just stopped caring for it. I do like it and used to play the flute and the recorder as a teenager but I don’t remember the last time I bought music or just listened to the radio. Maybe I should just go on a road trip. Some of the music I love best is by guys like James Taylor and Jimmy Buffett because that’s what was on the player back then.

6: I have a tattoo of a petroglyph, in Danish helleristning, on my back. It’s a ship with a sun sign above it. Most people think it’s a viking ship but it has nothing to do with the vikings.

7: I hate rodents. Really, really hate them. I’ll scream if I see a mouse. Rats are the worst but squirrels, hamsters and guinea pigs are on my list as well. No kid of mine will ever be allowed a rodent for a pet.

8: I actually dislike writing a lot. That’s a problem when you have to write a thesis in order to get your master’s degree. It’s probably because I’m such a perfectionist.

And just to show you that I’ve been knitting.


A pair of finished Monkeys. My boyfriend is in Italy so getting a photo was a bit difficult. I’m tall and not very flexible so this was the best that I could do.