Trouble in Tivoli

I wouldn’t have known that yesterday was WWKIP Day if Karen hadn’t told me about it and made me come along to Tivoli to meet a bunch of other knitters. It had been decided beforehand that we would sit at Vaffelbageriet, one of the many restaurants in the Gardens, and we were actually enough to fill up half of the tables available.


So far everything was great, people showed each other their knitting and just talked about everything possible as knitters do. People passing by did sometimes do a double take and a couple of old men tried to be funny but we didn’t seem to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Then all of a sudden we were asked to stop knitting. Not to leave the restaurant but to stop knitting. Nobody really understood it. As I understand it the people arranging the whole thing had called the place in advance and asked if it were all right for us to meet there and got an okay. I could understand it if we weren’t buying anything but everybody bought things to drink and eat at a continuous pace. Besides that we weren’t going to occupy the place all day as the event was schedule to be from 11am to 2pm.Of course knitters don’t like to be told to stop knitting for no apparent reason so we simply just moved to another restaurant called Viften which took us in with open arms and got all our lunch orders.


I want to make it clear that all of this has nothing to do with the Tivoli Gardens as all the restaurants are independently owned. Despite the little incident I had a very nice day which continued after 2pm when I met up with my boyfriend.

Two episodes in particular makes me want to speak well of the employees. Buying our multi-ride tickets at a ticket machine we managed to make ourselves look very stupid by not actually getting the bracelets but only the receipts. I did find it odd but nothing else seemed to come out so we lined up for the first ride where we were of course told to get bracelets. Not in a bad way, we were let on the ride first and then we could go and sort things out. That was quickly done but I don’t think we’re first to make this mistake. When we were waiting at the machine for a employee to come and get the bracelets I noticed that other people had a hard time seeing their ticket or bracelets as well.

The other episode happened while we were waiting in line for one of the rides. Suddenly a group of four young men started a fight between them and scared the heck out of not only the many kids there but the adults as well. The operators of the ride were quick to call security and in a matter of minutes the four culprits were expelled from the gardens. There’s no guarantee against idiots but it’s nice to see them dealt with so promptly.


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