Mmmm…. Monkeys!

No, I haven’t given up on miters but I just don’t think there’s been enough progress worth blogging about. They’re excellent for knitting while watching sports on TV but sometimes I get bored and then I start to get ideas. Usually not very original ideas, I see what everybody else is doing and then I want to do it myself. Lately it seems to me that everybody is working on socks, especially the Monkeys and I have been thinking about finding a pattern to use for some multicoloured sock yarn that’s been abandoned since last summer. Remember this:


As much as I like the Pomatomus socks this was just not the right yarn for them. Actually, this yarn is an classic example of disappointing multicoloured sock yarn and why I usually avoid it.  In a few minutes the poor lonely sock was unraveled and the yarn ready for new adventures:


I may have been known to avoid larger dpns for no other reason than pure stubbornness but this time I’m actually listening to reason and have started the new sock on 3mm needles. So far it’s going well:


I’m not loving the colours but I’m getting gauge and don’t have to change anything. It may become a bit too loose after the first wash as superwash yarn has a tendency to grow but I’ll survive. In the future I think a set of 2.75 mm dpns may be the solution to getting the perfect fabric but rosewood needles are a tad expensive so I’ll wait for now.

By the way, did you notice the stitch marker in the picture above? Usually I just use a thread in a different colour but someone had the thoughtfulness to make stitch markers for me:


Little cocktails! How cool is that! There’s nothing like an unexpected gift, is there?


One thought on “Mmmm…. Monkeys!

  1. Actually, I found the original Monkey-sock below Cookie’s usual standard – your colours do them far better justice and I am sooo not a pastelles kinda girl!

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