Back on Track


After this little accident I’ve learned always to check the pattern and not to trust my memory. Riding on the wave of progress I was sure that the ribbing was knit on 3.5 mm needles when in fact it was knit on 3 mm needles. A small difference but enough to make the ribbing noticeably longer than on the back. Such a shame I didn’t notice it before it was almost done.

Now that everything is going well again (fingers crossed etc.) I begin to dream of other things. Not that I really need any more new projects but I happened to buy this recently:


Rowan Studio, Issue Two… And now I’m in love:


Let’s just forget all about sagging, drooping or what else might happen to a knitted dress when it has been sat in or that I’m a lot bustier than the model and that even though I’m tall my legs do not look like that and… The only thing that matters is that I must have this dress. I am being a good girl, though, and have decided that at least 3 bigger projects, including the Silk Tank Top, must be finished and wearable before I buy the yarn. Actually, lets make that four because tops don’t count as much a whole sweater and I really need to finish some more things. For Pete’s sake, I haven’t posted about even one finished project this year and it’s already June. And how many things have I not started…


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