Keeping the Bad Knitting Away

Putting the bad knitting away always helps. After I decided to put the offending piece at the bottom of my knitting basket I felt much better. It did take a little while before I settled on what to knit next but then I remembered the Silk Tank Top that I started in January. Working on only one thing really pays off.


One back finished and one front cast on:


Keeping focused on one thing has also been good in other ways. I’ve always admired shawls worked from the top down like Icarus or Hyrna. I could always buy these patterns but it just would be more fun to design my own. The only problem is that getting a good idea is not easy, especially not when you have a lot of other things cluttering your brain. Limiting myself to working on only thing has freed something and I’ve begun to swatch.



2 thoughts on “Keeping the Bad Knitting Away

  1. Se så, det er da ikke fordi du ikke kommer nogen steder, hva? ;-)
    Jeg er vild med din lille strikkeprøve og ville elske at se den strikket op til et stort smukt sjal.
    Silke toppen bliver også rigtig smuk, tager du den med på arbejde en dag, så jeg kan beundre den, når jeg dukker op? ;-)

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