What Stash?

I know I talked about knitting only from stash but somehow it hasn’t happened yet. And let’s not talk about the studies either, for that matter. I’m doing as always, changing from one thing to another without finishing anything.

Right now I’m working on a short-sleeved sweater from Rowan Magazine 37 using a 100% bamboo yarn called Eden from Madil/Grignasco. I’ve been intrigued by it for a long time but others had warned me about it, saying that it gave a floppy shapeless fabric, and I was wary of spending time and money on it.


The yarn comes in 50g balls and runs approx.100m/109yds. The ball band suggests a gauge of 20 stitches and 28 rows for a 10cm square and I quickly realized that this was way too loose. Knitted that way the fabric would just keep growing and have no structure at all. I’m knitting it to a gauge of 25 stitches and 33 rows and am getting a very soft fabric with a lot of drape. I also washed my swatch in the machine and it neither shrinked nor growed.   


The sweater is Lottie, originally made from Cotton Glace. I chose it because I wanted something quick and something that let the yarn just show itself.

The only thing is, this is not going to be a quick knit. At first I thought I knit the yarn at the same gauge as the cotton glace so I didn’t change one bit in the pattern. Not a good idea… The back is definitely too small and when I blocked the front earlier today I noticed that I’ve made the armholes shorter than on the back. I think Lottie will take a rest in the basket for a little while and I’ll try to finish something else.


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