Spring Cleaning

Inspired by a recent post by Polly I decided to take a closer look at my so-called stash:


This is not even all of it. I could probably fill another box with the plastic bags left in the bedroom. It’s not really a stash as much as a collection of UFOs. Most have been abandoned because of boredom but some because of more serious problems. Nothing is more than 3 years old with the exception of a half-finished Kaffe Fassett-sweater that I started around 1993. I may show a picture of it one day to show just how much can go wrong in knitting. Til skræk og advarsel, as we would say in Danish.

I don’t own a ball winder so I started with some of the more easy things. First I found an old Rowan gift, my first I think:



I’ve always had issues with intarsia so stash it is. By the way I want to mention that I was very disappointed with the recent membership gift. Two balls of Handknit Cotton is a bit cheap considering what has been given in the past. One of my reasons for subscribing is the gift but this year it was hardly worth the effort as I can easily get the magazines otherwise to a reasonable prize.

But now I´m digressing. The second thing I found was this:


It´s a sneeze clapotis! Even I started one but abandoned it because I started disliking the colour. Now I like it again but there’s not yarn enough to do the pattern as written. Well, back to stash:


I then found another popular old thing:


One Bucket Hat from the always fabulous Bonne Marie Burns. It just came out way to big and I’m beyond wearing something this fury. Now I’m left with this:


Why to balls of each yarn have ended up like this I don’t know but I’ll find some use for it one day.

By now it was getting late and I only got as far as finding this cardigan:


It’s Moonlight from Rowan Magazine 34. Enemy, thy name is gauge… First I knit a large and it was too short. Then I knit an XL but had in the meantime learned about blocking… Now it’s very big. But it’s a nice cardigan and so much time has passed that it’ll be fun to knit again.

On a more serious note I need to keep looking at those boxes. I’m going to be studying for my master’s thesis this spring and summer and it means less time for work and therefore less money. Luckily I did some stashing earlier this month and with my findings I should be able to more or less avoid buying yarn for a long time.


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