Just Knitting

My spare time this month has been scarce and having to choose between knitting and blogging, knitting was the obvious winner. I’ve been working on several projects but the one that has captured me the most is the Wedding Ring Shawl. I’ve finished the center and have started working on the border. Unfortunately it doesn’t show well.


It will be very interesting to see the final result, especially the size. Right now I’m suspecting it’ll be smaller but the blocking may change that dramatically.

I’ve also started working on Eunny Jang’s Bayerische Socks which finally taught me how to cross stitches without a cable needle. I can only recommend learning this as it makes the knitting much more fluently.


That may also be the only thing to come out of this project. I don’t feel like working with the tiny 2mm needles right now and the sock may also be to small.

The new Rowan Magazine 41 arrived more than a week ago and while I’m not very excited I immediately fell in love with Tulip. It’s a simple knit and a flattering design for my body type. I’m not using the new Damask yarn as I had a viscose/bamboo/linen/silk blend called Chanson from Grignasco that I’ve been wanting to use for a while.


I’ve also been playing around with some Katia Merino 100% just to try it out. A very soft and spongy yarn that would be just perfect for a cabled pullover I’ve been wanting to make for more than two years.


I have more to say about all above but thought it better to spread it out in separate posts. A più tardi!