And so this was Christmas…

Excuse me, do you know where December went?

Somehow it just slipped away and left me totally unprepared in a whole new year. No resolutions have been made and the house is a complete mess but I did get to spend ten whole days with my family.

Knitting has been slow but one Tuesday night a couple of weeks ago I got very bored and when I get bored crazy things happens.


Yup, that’s about two and a half repeats of the center of the Wedding Ring Shawl. It was probably around ten when I cast on and a couple of hours later I was ready to begin the patterning. It takes a lot of time counting 247 stitches at that time of the day.

I’m using the merino I got in Italy knowing that an extra 50g has been secured and will be mailed on request. This yarn is not as fine as the one Sharon Miller originally used and will give a denser fabric but I did not make a swatch. I have made a swatch with the yarn in a different pattern so I know it’ll work but I’m leaving any question of the finished size to faith. I don’t really care if it turns out a bit smaller or bigger. Of course I hope it’ll be wearable but I’m actually considering it to be a learning piece. You may also notice that I’ve used a white yarn for the waste wool cast on. I didn’t have anything else and I was that desperate for something challeging to work on. I’ll worry about it when I have to pick up the stitches.

Some of you might wonder what has happened to the Princess Shawl. Well, it hasn’t been forgotten but work was stalled because I’ve had a hard time finding the DMC Cordonnet #70 in Copenhagen. Luckily I know a place close to my parents home and I got 3 balls last week. I don’t know when I’ll start working on it again, rigth now I’m in love with the Wedding Ring Shawl…



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