A Disclosure

You know, that last post with all the pictures, it wasn’t supposed to be like that… I usually start a post by uploading all of the pictures that I want to include and then work my text around them. That’s what happened Sunday. What didn’t happen was me changing the posting status from publish now to draft. Luckily, it still worked out alright but let me tell you a bit about the different things.

First, I finished the Diamond Shawl. It took almost 100 g of Isager Tvinni Alpaca worked on 4.5 mm needles. Because of the drab colour I added a 126 gold sequins sewn on by hand.

Second, I made River from Rowan Magazine 38 using the two balls of Kid Silk Haze I received as my last membership gift. The colour is 582 Trance. I didn’t want the knot so I added more repeats and had 14 instead of 11. This way I used most of the yarn. This is the project the title is referring to. I started it on October 20th and finished it about 10 days later.

The swatch is for a project that I started a week ago. The pattern is Patsy from Rowan Magazine 32. At first I misread it and thought it was made with 4-ply soft, hence the Cotton Wool that’s an excellent replacement. Luckily, it’s working out fine and I’ve already reached the armhole shaping.


I did struggle quite a bit with the swatch because there’s a small mistake in the pattern. On row 7 it says to K2 (5: 2: 5: 2), pattern repeat, K2 (5: 2: 5: 2). It should really say K3 (6: 3: 6: 3), pattern repeat, K1 (4: 1: 4:1). The lace pattern is a variant of the Print O’ the Wave and I could tell something was wrong just by looking at it.

I’ve also made good progress on the work cardigan. The back is now finished.


Let me show you a close-up of the increases as they’re quite interesting.


It’s a small bobble or popcorn made by knitting into the front and back of one stitch to make 4 stitches. Then on the wrong side the 3 first stitches are purled together and voila, you’ve increased one stitch plus it looks very neat.

Last but not least I would like to mention sock-knitting. I have a brother who loves hand knit sock and his birthday is only a month away. So don’t you think he would just love a pair of socks made from this: