Swatching Part II

Last week I made another couple of swatches that I didn’t show in the previous post. First I did one in a wool called Dansk Merino Naturgarn. I don’t know how it will hold up with use but it’s wonderful to knit with. Very soft and it makes a very nice fabric. It’s fingering weight, about 500 m per 100 g. I got it on a sale at a small farm shop a couple of years ago but I have no idea where to get it now. Googling it gives one decent hit out of 5 so if anyone knows more about it please let me know because I want more. Luckily I have enough for one sweater in this colour, maybe even two.


I’ve also been rethinking the swatch I did for the vest. The fabric was way too stiff which made me try with larger needles but I just couldn’t get a nice even tension with this yarn (Isager Tvinni Alpaca). In the end I came up with something different but still inspired by the pattern and colour sequence in the original design.


I’ve also been finishing the Diamond Shawl. Sewing on sequins one by one is a huge pain in the ass bit tedious so I’m not going to put one in the center of each diamond as was my original plan. Besides that more than one person has already mentioned that less looks nicer than more.



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