Swatching Part I

The title of this post says it all. I’m no closer to finishing something than I was a week ago and my head is bursting with new ideas. Besides that I have to make a cardigan to wear at work but I’ve been sensible and chosen a design worked on 5mm needles. I’m using these two yarns for it:



The Soft Wool Silk is a blend 65% wool/35% silk blend that despite its name is a bit hard to touch but worked together with the Kid Seta (exactly the same as Kid Silk Haze but cheaper) it makes an incredibly soft fabric.



I had to make two swatches because the pattern is a combination of ribbing and stockinette. They are both made with my new ivory ebony needles which I’m already finding addictive.


I find them just as smooth as metal needles but they are much more gentle on my hands. They had to be circular as well because I cannot work with straight needles anymore. I realized it working on the red sweater for my boyfriend. It never saw any work even though I liked both the pattern and the yarn but one day it hit me that it was the needles that made it too heavy and awkward. It’s too late to change the needles so I try to do just a little every day but progress is slow.


One thought on “Swatching Part I

  1. Just out of curiosity is the Soft Wool Silk like the Garnstudio Wool Silk blend? I like the Madil kid seta, it is gorgeous and the perfect Rowan KSH sub.

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