Almost Finished

Can you tell that my apartment isn’t very big?


It’s not the best picture in the world but it’s a bit difficult to get a better one when the wall is right behind you. The Diamond Shawl is finally being blocked and I only need to weave in the ends. The only thing is that I’m not that happy about the colour. I chose it because originally I intended to make it as a gift for a friend but then I reconsidered. Not that this particular friend isn’t worthy a hand knit shawl but she’s a non-knitter and we all know that they don’t always really understand this kind of gift… So I’m thinking that this shawl needs some gold sequins. One in the center of each diamond will lighten things up a bit.

I’ve also finished making the lace swatch with the Merino Extrafine. I used the center pattern for the Unst Stole in Heirloom Knitting.


My gauge is about 35 x 35 per 10 x 10 cm using 2mm needles. I don’t really know what to make with the yarn, I could make the Unst Stole but I’m not sure 100 g of yarn is enough and I probably should concentrate on finishing the Princess Shawl first, not to mention all the other projects…


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