Yarn Shops

I didn’t want to let this much time pass between two posts but a combination of being ill, Typepad not working and a trip to Italy, it simply hasn’t been possible to post and the knitting has suffered as well. However, I did come across a couple of yarn shops which were both located in zones where I couldn’t avoid finding them. Normally it can be quite hard to find yarn stores in Italy, in particular ones that are pure yarn shops. Often yarn is sold from a Merceria which is a shop specialized in underwear, stockings and haberdashery but nowadays, especially in the bigger cities, it only sells underwear and stockings. The shops I found were both right in the center of small towns so it was impossible to miss them.

Here’s a picture of the shop I came across in Ferrara on a very rainy Saturday. I don’t remember the name of the street but it’s in an arcaded side street quite close to the square with the cathedral. I only had a quick look inside but it did seem to have a decent selection. It did carry a lot of lace weight yarns which I suppose are meant for machine knitting but probably can be used for lace knitting as well.


The other shop I found was in Ravenna, right in front of the cathedral!



It was double the size of the other shop with a big section dedicated to the machine knitting yarns. I don’t really know if there’s a difference in the way these yarns are made, to me they seem like regular yarn, just thinner. I bought two hanks of a very thin merino yarn to see if it’s usable for lace knitting.


In total there’s a 100 g running 1200 m per 50g(2/48). That’s enough for a shawl but I need to swatch it before I know how it works. It’s treated to be unshrinkable (irrestringibile) but still requires hand washing. I paid €9.50 which to me is very good price.


One thought on “Yarn Shops

  1. wow, I’m so pleased to see this, looks like I’m not the only nutty person going to yarnshops around the world and documenting it ;-)

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