The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that keeps you going. Like making lace swatches that have no practical use whatsoever just because it’s such a pleasure to watch that pathetic shriveled little piece of cloth transform itself from an ugly little duckling to a beautiful swan.

Hulstrik Hulstrik_1

All of these swatches are made with the Grignasco Merino Silk on 2mm needles and the patterns can all be found in the book Heirloom Knitting. The top right edging is from the Princess Shawl but it is also in the book with the exception of the spider insertion on the right hand side of it.

Ever so often I dream of designing my own shawl and even though Sharon Miller’s book is fabulous I also want to see lots of pictures of the antique shawls. Luckily the Shetland Museum (see the link in the sidebar) has an incredible website with hundreds of pictures. Just do a search on lace shawls and the most beautiful shawls you can imagine pop up. Right now I’m completely taken by this particular shawl. The overall design is near perfect and I just love the arches with stars inside them.

Another swatch that is done is the one for the fair isle slip over. It looks awful in some parts but at least I’ve been able to identify the problem which is my tension. Normally I’m a tight knitter but it seems that fair isle makes me loosen up quite a bit, at least where the motive is more complicated. I’m happy to see the colours are working out and in a few days I’ll adjust the pattern to my gauge so I can begin knitting.



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