New Beginnings

Oh boy, it’s been a while since I last posted, hasn’t it? Well, something happened that made me reconsider this blog for some time. Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, actually it’s something I’d been wanting for a long time: a new job and in a yarn shop to make it even better! However, it put me in bit of a dilemma: what to do about this blog? Do I tell them about it and how do I handle the conflict of interest regarding yarn brands and other shops?

In the end I’ve decided to keep the blog to myself but that also means no talk about work so you won’t be getting the inside story about life in a yarn shop. Regarding the yarns and other shops I’ll not talk about any other yarn shop in the Copenhagen area because they are the competitors to the shop where I work. I’m not interested in getting them any free publicity while not talking about my own work place or risk being accused of unfair criticism. When it comes to the yarns I’ll probably only be talking of yarns that I like and that are available from the shop as I get a very good employee discount. If I don’t like a particular yarn, I’ll simply not talk about it. Some people will probably be able to figure out which shop it is seeing the yarns that I’m using but I’m not going to tell…

Okay, back to the knitting… Or should I say lack of knitting? A combination of too much work and heavy headaches has left me with precious little time to knit. Still, I’ve managed to get on with Butterfly.


The beads are not showing very well in this picture so here’s a close-up that hopefully shows them better:


I don’t own a ball winder so a lot of time has also been spent on this:



The picture on the top show 100g of Merinosilk from Grignasco. It runs 1400m/1533yds and is 75% merino and 25% silk. It came in one skein but ended up in two balls because I managed to reduce it to a very ugly tangled mess that meant involving a pair of scissors… Luckily I didn’t get it for anything in particular, I just want to play around with it and make some lace swatches.

The picture on the bottom shows the colours of the yarn I got to make a fairisle slip over for myself. I been wanting one for a while now and it’s time that I get better acquainted with the technique. I’m using a pattern, Moor, from A Yorkshire Fable but I didn’t like any of the colours available in Yorkshire Tweed 4ply or Scottish Tweed 4ply so I got some from Isager instead. It’s somewhat thinner than the other yarns so I probably have to do some fiddling around with the pattern.

Last but not least the new Rowan Magazine arrived. I’m not as thrilled as a lot of other people but right away I found the Anna Socks very inspirational. As I’ve mentioned before my legs are nowhere as thin as the model’s so I’m fiddling around with this pattern as well which means that progress is slow.


Mens vi venter*

*While we are waiting was the title of the all-day television show that was aired on the 24th of December when I was a child in the eighties. From early morning until dinner time at six o’clock it did its best to entertain us kids and make the longest day of year shorter. It didn’t really work and we must have been unbearable until the presents were opened around nine o’clock.

This kind of excitement is one of those feelings that rarely survives adolescence but the last couple of days I’ve been getting close. The thing I’m waiting for is of course the new Rowan 40. Ever since the first comments about it began appearing on the Rowan Forum it’s been harder and harder getting home to an empty mailbox. Seeing the preview doesn’t help much either as I never can tell what I really like from it.

To keep myself distracted I’ve been working on the hem frill for Butterfly. The first thing I did was to make a chart for it. As I don’t know how to use Excel, it was made in the old-fashioned way with squared paper and a pencil. It’s a bit tricky to work out because the number of stitches varies on each row but once it’s done it’s a great help.


Waiting does make me a bit flighty, though, so I’ve been casting on for another project as well, using stash yarn. For a long time I’ve been wanting a simple, classic pullover and I wanted to design it myself to make it fit perfectly. I’m still planning to do that but with a little help from a booklet I found in Aalborg when visiting my parents. (I had put it inside another book to protect it and consequently forgot all about it until a couple of days ago.) It looked strangely familiar in the shop and it turns out that it is the Danish version of the booklet that Kris talked about in a post from July 1st. She has some excellent photos of the contents.


One of the models is exactly what I want to do in exactly the gauge I’m getting but the biggest size is for a 94cm bust and I’m definitely bigger than that… In the end that’s not a problem but I do hope it will be helpful when I shape the armholes and sleeve caps. I find that to be the hardest part of designing, maybe because I’m too lazy to figure out and do the math properly.

Go Shout It from the Tower

As Denmark is not one of the most mountainous countries around I had to think of another way of making the world know that a finished object had been accomplished. Sunday afternoon I happened to be at Rundetårn, one of Copenhagens most famous tourist attractions that gives you a beautiful view of the city.


With at least one thing finished I’m ready to begin Butterfly with a clear conscience. Yesterday I went to the Danish craft supplies chain, Panduro, and got some beads which I think will work well with the kid silk haze.



These beads are somewhat smaller than the ones from Rowan but the yarn still goes through the hole easily and they have got exactly that greyish shine that works very well with the colour of the yarn. I was tempted by a more pearly variant but found it was too white against the yarn