Chapter 11 in which Lone goes to Jutland and returns with even more yarn

Last weekend I had big plans for my trip home to see my parents. Not only was I going to finish both Martha and Trek but I also brought the cabled cardigan and the Pomatomus Socks. Well… It was a bit too optimistic on my part. One of the socks is almost done and most of the ends on Martha have been weaved in and that’s it. So in order to distract from the lack of any finished objects or noticable progress I’ll show you what a bit of shopping resulted in.

Last summer the yarn shop of my childhood closed down but luckily a new and better one opened right away in the town’s old water tower, Aars Vandtårn. The old shop only carried some of the cheaper brands and while the new one has kept some of these it also carries high quality stuff from Isager and Madil. In this way the old costumers are kept happy while others don’t have to go to Aalborg anymore to get a better selection. As I really, really shouldn’t be buying any yarn for the moment, I tried my best to restrain myself but ended up with 3 balls of Madil’s Kid Seta in green.


For a long time I’ve wanted to get it for the pattern I got as my free gift when I bought Heirloom Knitting:


I always try to buy Madil and Grignasco yarns when I’m in Italy as it is about half price there but I’ve never been able to find the Kid Seta. It’s easy to get in Copenhagen but the price has always stopped me in the end every time I’ve passed at one of the local shops to fondle it.

The town also has a couple of thrift stores and it is always a lot of fun to visit them. The old ladies who run them don’t always know the real value of the things so sometimes it’s possible to get a very good bargain and other times they just have a better selection than the ones here in Copenhagen where the good stuff is sold immediately. I usually look for knitting needles, old magazine and other such things and this time I found some lovely colourful vintage needles:


There are two pairs of 3mm, one 2.5 mm and one 2mm. I did get one more pair in yellow which I thought was 2.5 mm but it turned out to be a mismatched pair of 2.5 and 3mm. But paying only 5kr. for a pair it doesn’t matter. I like the way they are all crooked and the colour is wearing off because it shows that they have had a life, that they have been used a lot.


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