Land ahoy!

I spot a couple of finished projects,respectively Martha and Trek, in the horizon but it’ll probably take all weekend to make landfall. My bf was shanghaied into helping out on this particular knitting adventure before I set out on the voyage as the ship’s hold was empty and needed refilling. Preparations were made at a small shop in the center of Copenhagen:


Handler will get you pretty much anything you need except yarn which unfortunately is going out of stock. While I don’t know the exact reason for this I suspect that selling precise amounts of yarn from cones has something to do with it. I remember going there once, about a year ago, and not buying anything because of that. Somehow it doesn’t encourage you to make impulse buys. You can’t fondle yarns in cones in the same way as with balls and having to ask somebody to measure out only 50g or 100g makes you reconsider as well.

Anyway, I didn’t go there for the yarn, I needed buttons. That’s where the bf proved very useful. While I was getting confused by the huge selection he immediately picked out just the right buttons. It may be the Italian genes…



Here’s an idea of how they look on the knitting:



And just because I didn’t want it to be all work and no play and because Magasin was right across the street this came home with me as well:



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