New Shop in Town

When I was creating the link to Garnstudio the other day I also checked the list of retailers and noticed a name I hadn’t seen before. It was a shop called Bette Design in Klosterstræde right in the center of Copenhagen. As I know every single yarn shop there, I had to check it out as soon as possible. It turns out that the shop has been open only a week so I was definitely one of the first customers. The owner was a very nice lady and full of information about her yarns. Besides carrying the full range of Garnstudio she also carries a yarn called Nikolaj Garn which is developed by a knitwear designer called Hanne Thorsen. Apparently she was quite big in the eighties when colourful knits were very much in fashion. It’s made at the same spinning mill that Marianne Isager uses and is quite similar to some of her yarns but a bit more tweedy. I also noticed she carries yarn from Dansk Mohair who makes lovely mohair yarns. As I really shouldn’t be buying anymore yarn before I finish some more projects and clean up my stash I limited myself to buying two balls of Regia sock yarn. Sock yarns don’t count, do they?


It’s very pretty and in the end I couldn’t resist casting on. The Pomatomus socks seemed like an interesting choice so before I knew it I had this:


It’s okay but I’m not crazy about it. I always like variegated yarns better before they’re knitted up and usually only buy solid colours but this one was bought on a whim.

As I absolutely refuse to knit this type of yarn (210m/50g) on needles bigger than 2.5 mm it meant modifying the pattern a bit. I simply added another repeat of 12 stitches and have made the heel flap longer. It still looks tight, though, for my solidly built legs. Descending from a long line of farmers I’m gifted with a set of genes that makes me very suitable for working in the fields and bearing children but it also means that most sock patterns don’t fit me, sometimes not even the ones for men. This means rewriting most patterns so I’m beginning to think it would just be easier to do my own designs. If only I had more time…

Apropos of the selvages I talked about in an earlier post I’m very happy about the looks of my heel flap:


And for those of you who like me are still celebrating Italy’s victory, here’s a link to some footage of the celebrations in Copenhagen:

Anyone knowing Copenhagen will notice that although the festivities did take place on Rådhuspladsen, it was not in the center of it, which is the normal Danish way of doing it, but on the side of it, in a very heavily trafficked light crossing. Watching from a safe distance (being a very inhibited Dane, especially when seeing police cars) I asked my boyfriend (who is Italian) why they absolute had to do it the most dangerous place possible. The answer was logical, knowing about Italian mentality, they wanted to be seen! Actually they behaved very well, every time the lights changed they would retreat to the sidewalks. Obviously they knew about Danish mentality as well!


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