Return of the Knitting Basket

After a detour I’m returning to the walk-through of my knitting basket. Remember the needles in the back with some green stuff on them?


Out of the basket they look like this:


This project is going to be Gwen from Rowan Magazine 39


which is simple enough to be good knitting while watching football (Forza Italia!) and yet has some interesting detail:


I’m using the required yarn, Handknit Cotton, but as you can tell from the way it’s wound up in balls, I’m reusing it from another project. I originally intended it for Trek from Rowan Magazine 37


and had actually almost finished it when I reconsidered. A lot of people complained about this issue of the magazine being a bit too funky for their taste but I really like this model. In the end, though, I realized that the pockets probably wouldn’t be flattering with the size of my breasts (D-cup). Another more annoying problem were the button bands. As mentioned in an earlier post I’m quite the perfectionist and they just didn’t look nice. It’s not the way Rowan makes you knit them separately and then sew them to the front, it’s my selvages. Here’s a picture of the problem:


Somehow the second stitch on the right side always become larger in my knitting and after the sewing up it becomes very obvious. I’ve noticed that the thickness of the yarn and the type of fiber play a role. Thin yarns and wool give me lesser problems. I’ve tried all kinds of selvages but the only thing that seems to help a bit is a trick I got from one of Maggie Righetti’s books. I insert the needle in the third stitch and before knitting it I give the yarn a good tuck. Does anyone else have this problem and what do you do?


3 thoughts on “Return of the Knitting Basket

  1. I had the same problem with Trek – makes us big busted girls look matronly, not gorgeous. I’ll be so interested to see Gwen because I have some yarn to knit it but worry about how it will look on me. I’m deep in Winter knitting now, anyway, so plenty of time to decide.

  2. Gwen is a pretty pattern – I like the colour that you have used.
    I’ve just looked at your progress on the Princess Shawl – what fabulous knitting! 865 stitches?!! You’re a very brave woman….

  3. I just followed your link from the Rowan forum, your blog is lovely and how fantastic to see the Princess Shawl in progress, I would love to do something like that one day, I am in awe of your talent.
    Will be watching your Gwen with interest as this is a pattern on my wishlist too, I love the colour you have chosen.

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