Momentary Interruption of the Scheduled Program

Instead of continuing the revealing inside story on the contents of my knitting basket, I want to turn my attention to a certain Yarn Harlot who appeared on the radio today. Living in Denmark I have the benefit of being 6 hours ahead of Toronto so while it was very early in the morning there, as Stephanie mentioned at least a couple of times, it was early afternoon here. Being unsure of the exact time difference I sat down a bit earlier to be sure not to miss the interview and got the benefit of not only hearing the local news but also the stories of a local competion to catch the most black flies, a Canadian football player being a bit too fond of marijuana and the host giggling every single time she mentioned the word yarn harlot… The interview was about 10 minutes long and maybe not very deep but I really wanted to hear Stephanie’s voice. Living on another continent doesn’t really give me the possibility to go see her in person and having lurked about her blog for an eternity, I was getting very envious of the people that could. So this was the golden opportunity. Basically the interview focused on two things: the role of the internet and the feminist aspect. To someone who has followed the knit scene for quite a while it didn’t bring out anything new but I really liked the way Stephanie talked about the things. She has a fine sense of humour and made me laugh more than once. That’s probably what I really wanted to know. Is this women just as funny and interesting listening to as it is reading her blog? The answer is definitely yes! While listening I was of course knitting. The radio is to me the perfect media while knitting. Most knitting blogs talk about knitting while watching the TV or films and I do that too but I really prefer the radio. Usually I’ll listen to talk radio and with the internet the possibilities are almost endless. I can choose from live broadcasts or the radio stations’ archives as I like and from all over the world. I find it keeps me better informed, not just with the news but also with many things I would never have heard of otherwise, ranging from the bizarre to more straight forward things like books and music. What’s your opinion?


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