In Medias Res

This is my knitting basket:


I bought this basket a couple of weeks ago because I became tired of watching my WIP’s lying around in plastic bags all over the living room. It contains four projects that I’m currently working on. One of them is this, just waiting to be sewn up:


It is Martha from Rowan Magazine 37. I chose to do the eyelet version and by coincidence I chose almost the same colour as the model.


I didn’t use the required yarn, though. Instead of the rowan 4-ply I used this instead:


It is Marina, a mercerized cotton yarn from Grignasco which I bought in Palermo in April. It comes in 50 g balls and runs aprox. 180 m. At first it looks like a 3-ply yarn but each of the three strands twisted around each other actually consist of 3 strands each so in total it is made of 9 very thin strands. This could lead to a problem with the yarn splitting but I’ve had no problems at all.

Here is a close-up of how it knits up. I really like the way the purl stitches enhances the eyelets. It almost looks like they have been embellished with embroidery.


The only thing that I can’t show properly with these pictures is the true colour. Here it looks very much like the model but in reality it’s much warmer, more salmon-like.


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